Flamingo Lodge - Namibe


Flamingo Lodge is situated in a scenic setting against low cliffs on the beach near the  mouth of the dry Rio dos Flamingo (15°  33′ S). This area of coast is at the  northern extent of the Namib Desert and  is practically devoid of other tourist  activity.

Flamingo Lodge consists of nine rustic bungalows with comfortable beds, showers and flushing toilets and can accommodate up to 30 people (although many more may be housed in tents if  necessary). An open-plan dining and bar  area is situated above a safe swimming  beach.

Flamingo Lodge is located in the middle of 70km of uninhabited coast which supports virtually untouched fish populations by highly diverse desert landscapes containing some areas of  special beauty. 

Flamingo Lodge forms the centre of our operations in South Western Angola from which excursions may be undertaken, and is equipped with 4 x 4  vehicles,  inflatable boat and  quad-bikes.

Getting to Flamingo


From within Angola:

Self drive: - Flamingo Lodge is situated south of the city of Namibe. You will  therefore need to take the airport road which leads to Tombwa. It is  advisable to re-fuel in Namibe. From the Pumangol fuel station you will  travel approximately 45km, where you will see the Flamingo Lodge sign  situated on the right-hand side of the road. Once you have turned off  the main road it is recommended to lower your tyre pressure to 1.5 bar  and engage 4H. You will then follow the dry river bed for 23km, there  are many roads but all of them lead down to the beach. Once you hit the  beach, keep left – you should soon see Flamingo and be welcomed by a  friendly face and a cold beer.

Transfers: - 

Transfers can be arranged, in advance, from Namibe or Lubango Airport.

International flights:

There are international airline flights between Windhoek and Lubango  every Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. Transfers are available from  Lubango Airport and should be arranged prior to your arrival. The drive  from Lubango to Flamingo takes approximately 4 hours. It is a very  scenic route that will take you down the extraordinary Serra da Leba  pass and across an ever-changing landscape, making it a pleasant  journey.

For those wishing to fly in with their own plane, you can fly  directly to Namibe Airport. Contact us for more details should you wish  to pursue this as an option.

Flamingo Lodge Activities


Water temperatures in the vicinity of the Flamingo Lodge usually  vary between 18 and 24°C and the visibility usually exceeds 5m. The  reefs are of sandstone and devoid of corals and large algae. Keen  snorkelers will be impressed at the abundance of large fish that they  will see and spearfishermen will need to be very selective to be  rewarded by a prize catch. Divers are very welcome as they ensure a  regular supply of oysters, crayfish and cuttlefish on the table.   


For those visitors not interested in the other activities and  excursions offered, are tired of sunbathing, and feel guilty about the  amounts that they are eating and drinking, walking is a good way to ease  their conscience. Flamingo Lodge is situated in very picturesque  surroundings and walks up to the lighthouse, which offer panoramic  views, or along the uninhabited beaches to the north an south are well  worthwhile. One might also try to catch a glimpse of the wildlife that  inhabits the Flamingo river bed.     

Surfing/ Kite Surfing

Surfing is becoming a very popular activity within Angola. Flamingo  has waves which can suit all levels of surfers – from beginners to  professionals. An increasing number of people are traveling to Angola to  catch the wave of their life and make the most of all the empty lefts.  With good waves in the winter months there is a large selection of waves  to ride. Guides know the beaches well and will be able to find a wave  for you. Tailored packages can be arranged.

Flamingo Lodge has good winds throughout the year, with the  predominant South Wester blowing between 10 and 25 knots most days.  During the summer months the water temperature is usually above 22  degrees with the sea being very calm. Please note we do not provide  equipment.

Local Tours    

Flamingo offers a variety of tours within the southern Angolan  region. The most popular of which is the Desert Day trip. This trip  takes you along the beach, past a number of shipwrecks to the start of  the Tigres Dunes. Along the way you are likely to see a variety of  marine life. The provided packed lunch can be enjoyed at the top of the  dunes, providing a very unique location for a picnic. Upon returning you  will cross over multiple salt pans, on your way to your next stop off,  Arco. Alternatively, overnight trips are available for those wishing to  spend a night under the desert sky. These overnight trips primarily take  you to Foz do Cunene or Iona National Park. Contact us to ensure that  you get the most out of your desert trip experience.

Please note that these trips need to be arranged in advance.

Conferences & Parties

These activities would usually involve large groups and require  exclusive use of the entire camp, thus sufficient prior notice is  necessary. Our sleeping and seating arrangements can easily accommodate  30 conference delegates and we have hosted weekend parties of over 100  people (the majority sleeping in tents).220 V electricity is available  to power visual aids, music systems etc. 

Fishing at Flamingo

Flamingo is primarily a beach angling destination. Species most  commonly targeted include Garrick, Kob and Shad. What we lack in  species, we make up in numbers. Bronze whalers are available for those  looking for a decent pull!

Fish are caught on spinning tackle with plugs, spoons and plastics  being the most favored and effective lures. Flamingo is a great location  to hone in your spinning skills, that later can be used elsewhere  targeting the same, and many more, species. You will also learn to  “read” the water from our experienced guides, whom will assist you and  share their knowledge wherever possible.

A typical day at Flamingo would start off with a hearty breakfast and  a leisurely drive down a secluded beach, stopping at various spots  during the course of the day to locate the fish – no time to get bored!

Flamingo has a strict catch and release policy. To ensure that fish  are returned to the ocean in the best possible condition, the use of  ultra-light tackle and treble hooks are not permitted. Our catch and  release policy, along with the care we take in handling the fish whilst  in and out of the water, helps to ensure that the fish are available to  be caught more than once!

As Angola is opening up to the rest of  the world, more and more people are taking advantage of the wonderful  landscapes and bountiful oceans. To get the most out of your trip, book  with Flamingo. We have been operating since 1996 and have pioneered the  techniques and spots along the whole of the southern Angolan coastline.  We are constantly adapting our styles to assist our guests in having a  fishing trip of a lifetime!


A list of recommended tackle can be sent upon request.

What to bring to Flamingo


Flamingo normally has a moderate temperature but it is better to be  well prepared. Hats, sunscreen and sunglasses are a must for both winter  and summer, as the sun is harsh. A set of long, warm clothes is  recommended, even for summer months, as the weather can change quickly  and the evenings can sometimes get quite chilly. For the adventurous who  would like to hike, sturdy hiking boots and a small backpack (for water  and sunblock) are recommended.

Toiletries and medication are not provided by Flamingo. We suggest  that you bring along a basic first aid kit, as well as any chronic or  personal medication. Your first aid kit should include the following;  painkillers, antihistamine pills, cream to relieve bites/stings,   antiseptic cream/spray, plasters, Imodium and for fishermen we highly  suggest Cataflam and Methiolate. Please note that this is just a  guideline and is not necessarily everything you will need.  Please  ensure that you pack enough medication for a few days longer than your  intended stay.

If you are traveling to Flamingo with a young child, please note that we do not supply cots and baby car seats.

It is advised that a headlamp, and spare batteries, are brought along as the generator does not run throughout the night.

Other items that could be brought by visitors include cameras, binoculars and electronic devices such as laptops and ipads.



The Cunene is a large perennial river that forms part of the boundary between southwestern Angola and Namibia.

For those fortunate enough to make a trip down to Cunene, will not  only be treated with one of the most spectacular drives in Africa, but  will also be rewarded with possibly the best Kob fishing in the world!  Catches of up to 100 kob per person have been made, with even bad Cunene  days surpassing most fishermens best days elsewhere. Cunene is truly  one of the last frontiers in Africa.

As Cunene falls within the Iona National Park, it is not open to the  public to fish. Flamingo Lodge assists with an ongoing Fisheries  Research program which allows us access to the region. This gives  fishermen the opportunity to not only experience an untouched  environment but to also give something back!